Magnum Medical OÜ

Wholesale of pharmaceuticals in Estonia

Laagri Business House, Vae 16, Laagri, 76401 Harju County, Estonia


Magnum Medical OÜ has been operating in the wholesale of pharmaceuticals since 1992. Our partners and clients are other wholesale companies, manufacturers of medicinal products, hospitals, pharmacies and sellers of pharmaceutical goods in Estonia as well as abroad. We value flexible client-oriented services, high quality of products and innovation.

Tiina Lätti, Member of the Management Board

Janno Kurg, Member of the Management Board

Magnum Medical SIA

Wholesale of pharmaceuticals products in Latvia

Ulbrokas iela 23, Rīga, LV-1021, Latvia


Magnum Medical SIA is the third biggest wholesaler of medicinal products in Latvia, whose market share amounts to 20 per cent. Our partners and clients are other wholesalers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals, pharmacies and sellers of pharmacy goods. In our work we value flexible service that focuses on the customer and good quality products. Our 4.200 m2 logistics centre allows to store 2500 pallets at room temperature, 230 pallets at +2 – +8 degrees, and is equipped with modern technology and well functioning quality system. This allows us to offer various handling and storage services to our customers.

Mārcis Rutulis, Member of Management Board


A Aptiekas SIA was established in 2007. It is the fastest developing pharmacy chain in Latvia. The chain includes 98 pharmacies half of which are located in the biggest cities of Latvia: Riga, Liepaja, Ventspils, Jelgava, Daugavpils and Rēzekne. Pharmacies with modern interiors offer a wide selection of over-the-counter and prescription medicine, food supplements, medicinal equipment, healthcare products and herbal teas. More than 390 chemists give pharmaceutical advice to patients.

Jānis Kūliņš, Member of Management Board

Magnum Medical Finland OY

Wholesale and logistics of pharmaceuticals in Finland

Tuupakantie 32, 01740 Vantaa, Finland


Magnum Medical Finland OY was established in 2004. We are engaged in wholesale in Finland; our clients are hospitals and pharmacies all over Finland. In addition to pharmaceuticals we also sell medical devices, accessories and food supplements. The cornerstone of our activity is flexible and client-oriented services, precision and speed as well as constant development of the company, which guarantees that our clients are competitive and successful.

Mika Huotari, Manager

Magnum Dental OÜ

Sale of dental materials, equipment and accessories;
wholesale of medicinal products in Estonia

Laagri Business House, Vae 16, Laagri, 76401 Harju County, Estonia

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Magnum Dental OÜ was established in 1993 and specialises in marketing quality dental materials. The company also organises training events, lecture days and practical courses to inform dentists about contemporary technologies and development trends, and to develop necessary skills.

    Kaisa Summel, Member of Management Board

Magnum Logistics OÜ

logistics and production of pharmaceuticals
for package labelling in Estonia

Laagri Business House, Vae 16, Laagri, 76401 Harju County, Estonia


The main activity of Magnum Logistics OÜ is the handling, transport, logistics and dispatch of veterinary medicinal products and retail and wholesale trade of industrial and food products in non-licensed areas of activity.
The Magnum logistics centre has been recognised as one of the most modern logistic centres in Central and Eastern Europe and it was awarded the title of Logistics Act of Year 2008. Thanks to the 9,000 m2 warehouse, we can provide different wide-scale operational and storage services; the use of modern technology guarantees time-saving, fast and efficient warehousing processes. We also have a van park for distribution shipment.

Lauri Varandi, Member of Management Board

RAIVO ROOLAID, Logistics Manager

Magnum Veterinaaria AS

Wholesale of veterinary medicinal products,
feed additives, pet supplies and food in Estonia

Laagri Business House, Vae 16, Laagri 76401, Harju County, Estonia


The predecessor of Magnum Veterinaaria AS started its operation in the January of 1948 under the name Zoovetvaru as a veterinary zoo-technical supply office. Pharmacies, veterinary clinics and licensed veterinaries can order medicine from Magnum Veterinaaria. The main product groups are veterinary medicinal products and vaccines, feed for farm animals, pet food and supplies, analysers and instruments for veterinary clinics, disinfectants and spirit that is exempt from excise duty.

In December 2002, we opened a subsidiary in Lithuania and then in March in Latvia in order to start similar cooperation with Latvian and Lithuanian vets like in Estonia. In March 2007, Magnum Veterinaaria acquired 100% of the shares of Linas Agro Veterinarijos Centras (LAVC), the market leader of Lithuanian veterinary products, which led us to become the definite leader of the Baltic veterinary market.

VERONIKA KUUSKMANN, Member of Management Board


Magnum Veterinarija SIA

Wholesale of veterinary medicinal products,
feed additives, pet supplies and food in Latvia

Ulbrokas iela 23, Rīga, LV-1021, Latvia


Magnum Veterinarija SIA was established in 2003. We have grown to be one of the largest wholesale companies of veterinary medicinal products in Latvia following the high quality standards, dedication and client-oriented approach of the Magnum Group.
We offer our partners and clients reliable logistics, a wide selection of veterinary products, consultation and training, a personal approach and much more of what has made us a trustworthy partner in their everyday work.

Māris Pāvilsons, Member of Management Board

Magnum Veterinarija UAB

Wholesale of veterinary medicinal products,
feed additives, pet supplies and food in Lithuania

Martinavos g.8, Martinavos k. 54475 Kauno r. Lithuania


Magnum Veterinarija UAB has been engaged in the wholesale of veterinary medicinal products, feed additives and pet supplies and food since 1994. High quality, professional counselling and flexible cooperation have helped the company to grow to be one of the leaders of the Lithuanian veterinary market. We are prepared to deliver veterinary medicinal products, vaccines, food additives, biocides, laboratory supplies and other different equipment and accessories included in our product selection to our Lithuanian clients within 24 hours.

Lina Skinke, CEO

Pet City SIA

23 Ulbrokas Street, Riga, LV-1021


Pet City SIA opened first shop in January 2018. Today we have in Latvia 14 PetCity shops (in Riga, Kekava, Tukums and Valmiera), which includes also 5 veterinary pharmacies in Riga. Pet City also runs 4 pet clinics in Latvia.

Māris Pāvilsons, Member of the Management Board


In 2016 Pet City OÜ joined Magnum Veterinaria. Pet City pet service centers cover food-accessories-grooming-hotel-training-insurance categories and through franchising also vet-drugstore-vet-clinic categories in Estonia and Lithuania. Pet City OÜ has seventeen own centres and one franchise shop in Estonia, fifteen in Latvia and five in Lihtuania. We plan to open at least 6 more pet service centers in Baltics by the end of 2020.

Hendrik Tibar, Member of Management Board

Pet City UAB

Martinavos g.8, Martinavos k. 54475 Kauno r. Lithuania


PetCity entered the Lithuanian market in spring 2016. We have today 4 pet service centers in Lithuania, two of them have also a grooming salon and a pet clinic. The clinics are operated by Pet City Klinika UAB, a subsidiary of Pet City UAB.

HENDRIK TIBAR, Member of the Management Board

VILIUS DOVYDAUSKAS, Member of the Management Board (Pet City Klinika UAB)


Allium UPI OÜ is a leading importer and distributor of pharmacy and hospital goods in the Baltic countries, dealing with the wholesale of vitamins, food supplements, dermocosmetics, medicinal equipment, hospital accessories, etc.
Allium UPI clients include nearly all Estonian health care institutions, care homes and pharmacies.
Our extensive product portfolio includes over 30 different well-known health brands with a focus on health care and beauty products.
Brand portfolio: Innogenetics GMBH, Terumo, Paul Hartmann AG, Van Oostveen Medical, Romed, Karl Storz, Lawton, Ansell SA, Atmos Medizintechnik GmbH & Co.KG, Lifeplan, Apropos®, Healthilife, Valioravinto, Dottor Ciccarelli, Bayer A/S Diagnostics, Microlife UAB, Kimberly Clark Healthcare, Purple Surgical International Ltd, BioNike.

Ahti Kallikorm, Member of Management Board

Allium UPI SIA

Ulbrokas iela 23, Riga, LV-1021 Latvia


Allium UPI SIA was established in 2012 and is one of the leading importer and marketer of medical and pharmaceutical products to the pharmacies and health care institutions. Allium UPI SIA in Latvian market cooperates with largest pharmaceutical retail chains, wholesalers and health care professionals.

There are around 20 well-known and recognized brands of health and beauty products in portfolio of Allium UPI SIA. Assortment includes food supplements, derma cosmetics, medical devices, hospital accessories, private label products.

There are more than 10 professional and knowledgeable brand managers / brand specialists in Latvian team. Our passion is serving people to make them healthier and happier in their lives.

ILGVARS UZULS, Member of Management Board

Allium UPI UAB

Vitamiinide, toidulisandite, meditsiiniseadmete, haiglatarvete ja muude tarvikute hulgimüük

A. Juozapaviciaus g. 9-3, 09311, Vilnius, Lithuania


Allium UPI Lithuania was established in 2008 and it is a leading supplier of medical branded consumer goods within personal care and pharma products segments to the pharmacies, specialized retail, and health care institutions including nursing homes. Allium UPI Lithuania is active on Lithuanian market cooperating with all pharmaceutical retail chains, health care professionals, wholesalers, as well actively presents on public tenders.

Our portfolio lists over 20 noted brands of medical accessories and devices, healthy life style products, derma cosmetics, food supplements, hospital accessories, private labels. The Allium UPI holds strong positions in selected product categories in Lithuania.

Based on reliability and confidence by international manufacturers, along with a passionate and professional team we do take care of comprehensive products’ marketing and sales.