A leading pharmaceutical
wholesaler and retailer
in the Baltic States

Medications/Veterinary products/Dental care/Logistics

  • Clients 1mil+
  • Employees 1000+
  • Years 20


Ahti Kallikorm

Chairman of the board e-post

Wholesale trade – it’s elementary! When observed from a distance, wholesale trade seems to involve little else than moving goods from one corner to another. If you give it a try though you’ll change your mind 200 per cent!

Mari Krass

Juhatuse liige e-post

“Minu roll on aidata organisatsioonil jõuda läbi innovatiivsete
ja integreeritud arenduste uudsete ja jätkusuutlike lahendusteni. Julgus muuta ja muutuda on ainus viis hoida vilkas
maailmas organisatsiooni arenevana. Koostöö ja meeskonna sünergia on
tugev vundament, millele ehitada!” “

Kadri Ulla

Board member e-post

My area of responsibility is managing and developing the group’s retail business. This is the part of the company that targets the final consumer and is therefore one of the group’s priorities.

Paavo Truu

Board member e-post

I’m responsible for the group’s financial management, IT and other services supporting main activities.I’m able to do so with the help of our experts in accounting, financial analysis and information technology.

  • Ahti Kallikorm
    Chairman of the board e-post Managing the group, wholesale, pharmaceuticals Education: University of Tartu, medical science
  • Mari Krass
    Juhatuse liige e-post Strategy and business development
  • Kadri Ulla
    Board member e-post Retail Education: University of Tartu, economics
  • Paavo Truu
    Board member e-post Financial management Education: University of Tartu, finance and banking

Economic indicators

Revenue 1993-2016

  • Packages per year 10mil+
  • Pharmacies 170+
  • Suppliers from 40+
  • 356 mil €
  • 161 mil €



Start of pharmaceutical wholesaling business in Estonia


Dental wholesaling in Estonia


The first order was made from a pharmacy via the Internet


Veterinary wholesaling business in Estonia (acquisition of Zoovetvaru)


Expansion to Latvia (acquisition of SIA Pharma Service Riga)


Our first pharmacy in Estonia the brand name Apotheka.


An automatic ordering system for pharmacies was introduced


Veterinary wholesale subsidiaries in Lithuania and in Latvia


Entering pharmaceutical retail business in Estonia (acquisition of Parimex Invest with 58 pharmacies in Estonia under the franchised brand name Apotheka)


Subsidiary established in Finland


We opened our first pharmacy in Latvia under the brand name A. Aptiekas.


Acquisition of the leading veterinary wholesaler LAVC in Lithuania


A new, modern and highly automated logistics centre was opened in Estonia


Introduction of Private Label


Medicine unit dose dispensing in pharmacies (personal packing service)


We opened the first online pharmacy in Estonia.


More than 80 pharmacies in Estonia, more than 70 pharmacies in Latvia.
We opened a new concept of the drugstores in Estonia and Latvia.
Own loyalty program launch.


Opening of the first online pharmacy in Latvia

We introduced a pharmacy robots



Apotheka customer loyalty card joins the
500 000s client
Opening Iluteek.ee – pharmacy cosmetics e-shop
Launching the project „Special aids
for people with disabilities“


Launching the video pharmacist solution
Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Magnum