Wholesale of pharmaceuticals

The wholesale of pharmaceuticals ensures the population the availability and existence of high-quality and safe pharmaceuticals via the retail network by selling to pharmacies all over Estonia. In addition, the wholesaler supplies all Estonian hospitals and care homes with pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

Retail of pharmaceuticals

The pharmacy service offered in almost 120 pharmacies of the group proceeds from competent pharmacists, high-quality pharmaceuticals and health products and implemented quality standard. Pharmaceutical consultation enhances the clients’ compliance, decreasing expenses of pharmaceuticals and saving on general health-care expenses. Professional health advice of pharmacists is easily available and free for the clients.

Wholesale of veterinary medicinal products

The main objective of the wholesale of veterinary medicinal products is to ensure the availability and smooth supply of veterinary medicinal products, so that veterinaries can offer the best services and care for pets as well as farm animals. We try to contribute to this by offering the widest selection of products used in providing veterinary services. Naturally this goes with high-quality services and technical support, offering veterinarians versatile product training and opportunities for individual development.

Retail of veterinary products

Pet City pet service centers cover food-accessories-grooming-hotel-training-insurance categories and through franchising also vet-drugstore-vet-clinic categories in Estonia and Lithuania.

Pet City OÜ has six own centres and one franchise shop in Estonia (Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Põlva) and three in Lihtuania (Vilnius).

Wholesale of dental products and supplies

Wholesale of dental products guarantees quality materials for dentists, which allow them to provide good services to their patients. We also organise training events, lecture days and practical courses to give dentists information about contemporary technologies and development trends and help them improve their skills.


The supply of pharmaceuticals into a country, their storage and operative delivery to clients requires exceptional precision. The Magnum Logistics centre has been recognised as one of the most modern logistic centres in Central and Eastern Europe and it was awarded the title of Logistics Act of Year 2008 in Estonia. In addition to traditional warehouse technologies, the logistics centre uses many innovative solutions that save time and space and minimise the possibility of mistakes.

Wholesale of nonmedicinal healthcare products

We make sure that health care institutions, care homes and pharmacies in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are stocked with the best selection of vitamins, food supplements, medicinal equipment, hospital accessories and other necessary items.
Our extensive product portfolio includes over 30 different well-known health brands with a focus on health care and beauty products. Our clients comprise nearly all health care institutions, care homes and pharmacies across Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.