Magnum Veterinaaria AS



The predecessor of Magnum Veterinaaria AS started its operation in the January of 1948 under the name Zoovetvaru as a veterinary zoo-technical supply office. Pharmacies, veterinary clinics and licensed veterinaries can order medicine from Magnum Veterinaaria. The main product groups are veterinary medicinal products and vaccines, feed for farm animals, pet food and supplies, analysers and instruments for veterinary clinics, disinfectants and spirit that is exempt from excise duty.

In December 2002, we opened a subsidiary in Lithuania and then in March in Latvia in order to start similar cooperation with Latvian and Lithuanian vets like in Estonia. In March 2007, Magnum Veterinaaria acquired 100% of the shares of Linas Agro Veterinarijos Centras (LAVC), the market leader of Lithuanian veterinary products, which led us to become the definite leader of the Baltic veterinary market.

VERONIKA KUUSKMANN, Member of Management Board

TRIIN MULD, Member of Management Board